Bill Payment
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Bill Payment is a ProMoney feature that empowers the retailers and small store owners to go digital and manage modern customers who like to pay cashless. Safe and easy, this mode of payment available at all ProMoney retail stores, requires only the help of a smartphone.


The retailer just has to send a link to the customer via Bill, who can make an online payment by clicking on the link. The payment can be done from anywhere as the customer does not have to be physically present at the store, nor the retailer needs a card PoS machine to accept card payments.

Retailer’s Benefits

  • Zero investments — no need to install a card-swiping machine
  • Attract more customers with quick and easy online payment service
  • Accept all major debit/credit cards and NetBanking for payments
  • Zero MDR charges on accepting digital payments

Customer’s Benefits

No hassle of swiping cards or handling cash on over-the-counter or home deliveries

Make digital payments at the time of home deliveries

No need to install various wallet apps to make the payment

No need to be physically present with a card at the retail store

You can also share your details and we will connect with you shortly